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Share the Love: Enhance other’s productivity with Google Pack

When you install an OS on your computer, or someone else’s, there are some pieces of software that you download almost immediately. Usually they include a browser, an IM client, a photo organizer, and anti-virus. What’s cool about Google Pack, is that it easily installs all of the above, plus more. Mozilla Firefox, Picasa, Google Desktop, Norton Anti-virus, Ad-aware, Skype, and more are all included in a neat little bundle for you to download.



I installed Google Pack for the first time a couple months ago. I wasn’t impressed though, because I had already installed all of the interesting software in the pack such as Firefox, Skype, and Ad-aware. Google pack didn’t do much for me, other than install some screensaver program, and a toolbar for IE, which I don’t use. My point is, if you are a web worker, or you use the computer a lot, Google Pack probably won’t do a lot for you. It is likely that you have already chosen the software that you liked and installed it.



However, Google pack can work wonders for your non-techie friends and family. Besides your moral obligation to introduce everyone you know to Firefox, you can also help organize their photo collection with Picasa, or learn to search their computer with Google Desktop.

If your parents or grandparents are phoning you frequently to ‘fix their computer’, Google Pack will save you a round-trip to mom’s house. Firefox + Norton + Ad-aware should really reduce the number of security problems on their computer.

So next time you hear friends or family complaining about pop-ups, their messy photo collection, or viruses, then refer them to Google Desktop. They might just ‘Skype’ you a quick thank you!


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