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Student productivity blog carnival – Oct 2007

Welcome to the October 3, 2007 edition of student productivity blog carnival.

Gustav S presents Top Secrets to Achieve Success, make Money or Whatever you Wish in Life, Part 1 posted at, saying, “Success is in its most part inside of you; do not look for success outside because success is the byproduct of what you are. The more you invest in yourself as a person in order to improve your qualities as a person the more successful you will be.”

Scott H presents How to Study: Strategies for Maximizing Your GPA posted at College and Finance, saying, “How to maximize ones GPA by increasing productivity in studying.”

Millionaire Mommy Next Door presents Productivity Tip: How to use a digital timer to get things done posted at Millionaire Mommy Next Door, saying, “The timer keeps me focused, motivated and targeted on the individual task at hand. Here’s how I use this simple tool to GET IT DONE.”


Ted Reimers presents Best web 2.0 online tools for College posted at CampusGrotto

Rebecca presents About that Label Printer… posted at Proto-Scholar: From Student to Scholar.

That concludes this edition of the carnival. Thanks to everyone who submitted an article, and I hope that everyone enjoyed it. You can now submit your articles for the next edition at the submissions page. Remember, sharing your best articles with everyone is the best way to gain new readers and get noticed, not to mention get a couple links back! The next edition will be posted at the end of October over at Cal Newport’s Blog. The deadline for submission is Oct 29th.

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5 Responses to “Student productivity blog carnival – Oct 2007”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for hosting this! The article on web 2.0 tools was particularly interesting. I look forward to the next carnival.

  2. Thanks for hosting and including my submission. I’ve linked back here to the carnival at:

  3. student says:

    Thanks for hosting =)

  4. charmayne says:

    great site! now to just track down the carnival to submit for next issue :-)

  5. Good books for increase students productive and achieve the goal. Thanks.