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Study Smarter This Year by Discovering your Learning Style

In most schools or classes, the method by which you are taught is decided by the professor or teacher, and you have little or no input. You can maximize what you learn by listening, taking good notes or recordings and reviewing your notes daily. These habits will determine how well you do throughout that class, and during the final exam.

When you take a class, the method of teaching is determined by the teacher. You can choose whether your listen, take notes, or absorb their teachings, but you have no input regarding the style of teaching.

Studying for a test or exam is a real change of gears compared to standard classes. You still have control over how much effort you put into it, but you can also decide how you study, be it visually, orally, or physically.

Why does this matter? It matters because each person has a unique learning style which makes it much more effective to study using one method compared to another. Some people are visual learners, and work well with notes and diagrams. Others are physical learners, who learn best by doing things with their hands, compared to reading about them in the textbook. There are visual, physical, oral, and hollistic learners.


If you really want to fine tune your study habits, I suggest you find your style, and try to apply it to your studying. You can only spend so many hours studying, so a lot of it falls into how well you study. I’m not saying you can magically cut your study time in half using the right techniques, but you can sure improve your comprehension via the right techniques. Remember, study smart, not hard.

Find your Learning Style [via Lifehacker]

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One Response to “Study Smarter This Year by Discovering your Learning Style”

  1. I agree, everybody should find their own technique. Some people learn faster if they listen, some learn faster if they watch. Besides, studying together helps because we can use some of the others’ techniques and find new solutions.