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Thanks for the link GTD Wannabe, introducing Blog Karma

You may have noticed that our readers have doubled in the last three days. This is largely due to graciously being mentioned at GTD Wannabe. It’s been really exciting to see so many visitors and new subscribers. You may have noticed a couple weeks ago that GTD Wannabe was linked to on our blogroll. They are still on our blogroll, but since then, I have decided to take down the blogroll in the sidebar. Why? I read this post (look at number four) and a couple others, that explained why blog rolls are not effective. The blog roll serves two main purposes: To display our interests in other blogs, and to hopefully send traffic to a blog that you think deserves it. So instead of maintaining a blogroll, we will be starting a weekly (hopefully) post aimed at exposing you, the reader, to one well known blog (1000+ subscribers), and one relatively new blog. Of course, these blogs will relate to productivity, GTD, etc, and they will be ones that we personally enjoyed, and believe deserve a mention. I have disabled no follow on Gearfire, so hopefully this new Blog Karma will bring more positive effects than a blog roll, without the politics.  So this week, I imagine that you can guess who our pick will be.


Popular Blog of the Week

GTD Wannabe is a well established, and well written blog on the subject of Getting Things Done. I really think that the author has stricken the perfect balance between formal content, and personal interaction. When you read, you know that your getting the best of GTD, plus a refreshing dose of personality. With over 1500 subscribers, is a must-have for any productivity addict. I highly recommend subscribing to their RSS.


New Blog of the Week

None… Yet. If you own a productivity-related blog, even loosely, please drop a comment with the URL. We’d love to check it out, and maybe feature it on next week’s Blog Karma.




Gearfire started out as a side-project, but it has evolved into something much more enjoyable. On behalf of everyone at Gearfire, I want to thank GTDWannabe for mentioning us, as well as all of our loyal readers as we break the 100 subscriber mark. If you have checked out our About Us page, you may have noticed that my goal for the blog was 100 subscribers. Guess I’m going to have to set a new one, and hopefully we will break that one too. Smile



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3 Responses to “Thanks for the link GTD Wannabe, introducing Blog Karma”

  1. Brett says:

    Hello – I’m the ‘proprietor’ of the Cranking Widgets blog. Been around since November of last year, gained a pretty decent following.

    Anyway, hope you like it.


  2. GTD Wannabe says:

    Cheers GearFire, and thanks for the karma :) Thanks for the link to ProBlogger – I remember reading that post ages ago, and it makes so much more sense now that I’ve been blogging awhile.

    I get what he says – I don’t tend to put a lot of faith in blog rolls; I know how hard it is to keep mine truly up-to-date. I think of mine as a general indication of what I’m reading, and what might interest others. But when you really want to point your readers to someone, you need to post about it. And the karma just keeps going round :)

    By the way, I’m a “she”; that should be easier than careful gender-neutral language. We really need a pronoun that means “He or She, depending on what they are, but since we only know their online presence, we really can’t tell” ;)

  3. Scot Herrick says:

    Cube Rules is a site about Career Management for Cubicle Warriors and that necessarily involves a fair amount of productivity hints and tips.

    I am always on the lookout for blogs that have great content and the primary way I do that is from links in existing blogs that I subscribe to.

    I’m one of those that subscribed as a result of GTD Wannabe — and am very glad I did.


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