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Three Web 2.0 Apps I am Waiting for

Normally I am not someone who waits around for web apps to launch, or even follow them. I really learned my lesson from Scrybe. In the middle of September I realized that I needed a new productivity system. When I saw scrybe, I decided to put off making my system until I got an invitation. It took me until mid-november to give up on Scrybe, and put the work into creating my new system with Toodledo.

My second disapointment was Algloco. With all the hype flowing around, pumped up by John Chow, I was expecting this service to be revolutionary. After all, the launch date was delayed for months. However upon downloading the app a couple weeks ago, I was pretty disappointed overall. In fact, I uninstalled it 5 minutes after trying it.

But recently, I have come across a couple web 2.0 ideas that I just can’t wait to get my hands on. Most notably is the latest app on my waiting list, Propel’r.

Propel’r is a new service that will be based completely on David Allen’s “Getting Things Done”. They have only posted a couple screenshots so far, but here is what I gather will be different about Propel’r.


  • clean, sleek and easy to use interface
  • They are taking a different approach by structuring the site through the GTD process, with five different areas: Collect, Process, Organize, Review and Do.
  • They have been taking suggestions for what other people want in a killer GTD app over their blog. If they listen, this will rocket them to success.

InPower another service I have been waiting to launch. I talked about them a while back in this post, and I am getting more eager as the days pass. InPower is the first “personal development” web 2.0 app. It rates your well-being and happiness in different areas of life after you fill out a short question set. You can then choose which areas you want to improve, and put together goal sets for those areas. Then you set up a 21-day action plan of how you will improve that area of your life. You track your actions throughout the month, and see progress you have made. At the end, you can re-take the happiness test, and see the results.

BudgetPulse is my last but not least waited for web 2.0 app. I have been looking for a personal finance app for a while. I used Bufxer, Wesabe,  and even the latest Expensr, but I haven’t been satisfied with any of them. BudgetPulse seems promising, and couple be my killer app.

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7 Responses to “Three Web 2.0 Apps I am Waiting for”

  1. Marc Hedlund says:

    Hey, thanks for giving Wesabe a try. Let me know if there’s anything we could add or change to make it a better app for you. We listen closely to all of the feedback we get and make changes to our site every week to incorporate what we hear. Feel free to email me at marc at wesabe dot com if you want us to make any changes that would help you.

    Thanks much — Marc Hedlund, Wesabe

  2. Chris says:

    How come you did not implement your GTD system with Toodledo? Does it not have all the features of vitalist and more? On the Toodledo website they have a comparison chart that seems very impressive.

    I am just starting with GTD and right now i am looking for the best system for me ( i know this can lead to procrastination =). I have played with Vitalist and liked it. However, I tried and Nozbe and fell in love with its time tracking feature that was missing from Vitalist. Next, i shall look in Toodledo and in my research your blog came up. Any thoughts on Toodledo and GTD?

  3. Qrystal says:

    I skimmed the rest of your blog to see if you ended up finding a system that worked for you, and I noticed you got into ThinkingRock. I hope that’s working well for you, but if not, I wanted to direct you to something I’ve just discovered… it’s called Todoist. It’s got power, beauty, convenience, and simplicity, and it’s got my heart…! Stolen from ThinkingRock, in fact. Imagine that!


  4. Kyle W. says:

    Here is my system I use.

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