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Toggl & SlimTimer – free and easy web-based timetracking

The other day, I was looking for a a good task timer I could use. I passed many apps including Harvest and SideJobTrack which were too focused on the job and invoicing part of it. Ten sign-ups later, I concluded that my favorite two are SlimTimer and Toggl. Both are great timers, but they are distinctly different, and will appeal to different people. SlimTimer has more features, such as a sidebar bookmarklet, but Toggl seems to have a simpler and easier to understand interface, specifically the task pane. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Try both, and tell me what you think.



If you do not like that they are web-based, you can run them on your desktop with Bubbles. Bubbles basically takes web apps, gives them their own window, and lets them be minimized to system tray.

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3 Responses to “Toggl & SlimTimer – free and easy web-based timetracking”

  1. Simple and easy is something that most people loved

  2. I like toggle because the dashboard is user-friendly and the application isnt too complicated. there is a free and paid service so anyone can try it, use it, and upgrade if they like it.

  3. Blaine Sato says:

    I’ve been looking to switch from SlimTimer because it’s just not quite polished enough for me. I’m looking at Toggl and found your review. You CAN actually open the Toggl time tracker in a Firefox sidebar. This was tested with the Nano Nova timer on the right side of the Toggl site.

    1. From Toggl website, from the timer’s menu on the right side of the page choose ‘pop the timer out’

    2. In the new window, copy and paste the URL into a new Firefox bookmark.

    3. Edit the bookmark to open in the sidebar (found in Properties)

    4. I like to add that bookmark to the Bookmarks Toolbar for easy access turning on/off the Toggl sidebar.

    This works well for me, and perhaps there’s more you can do with this, but I think it’s why I’m going to switch to Toggl. Sorry, SlimTimer, you did me well for a few years, but it’s time to move on.