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Track your Short-term Goals with Joe’s Goals

On the topic of goals and goal-setting, I was recently introduced to Joe’s Goals, which is a nifty little Web App that makes it very simple to track your goals on a daily basis. You can assign actions, or mini-goals, and every time you complete one you can mark it down and view your progress and daily total.

I wrote an article weeks ago about goal-setting and I mentioned LifeTango, which is a service that enables you to easily record your life goals and share them with others. While LifeTango does do a good job at managing long-term goals, it was lacking the ability to track your short-term goal progress.


That is where Joe’s Goals comes in. Joe’s Goals allows you to track your daily progress with short-term goals by adding check marks. You can easily view your daily total, and a chart showing your progress over the last few weeks. In addition to goals, you can add “negative” goals. These goals subtract points from your total when checked. An example could be “Drank Soda”. Along with positive and negative goals, you can change the value of each goal, and change what days it displays on.

The simplicity and versatility of this app really makes it a great tool to have. Whether your trying to break bad habits, start new ones, or carry out your New Year’s resolution, Joe’s Goals can help you along the way.

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