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How to Turn Traffic Lights Green

I don’t drive yet, but I found this really interesting. Basically the traffic lights try to detect traffic using electromagnetic coils which detect changes in conductivity from a car’s tires. Normally when a car pulls up, it will check if there are any other cars, and will adjust the lights accordingly. Unfortunately if you have a motorcycle or scooter, the sensor doesn’t always detect you. By taking a high-powered magnet and taping it to the underside of your motorcycle, sensors will detect you more easily, and you will hit less red lights. Of course, if you already have a big heavy car, this trick will not do much, because the sensors probably already detect your car. The best part is, this trick is completely legal!


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5 Responses to “How to Turn Traffic Lights Green”

  1. Sydney says:

    Most traffic lights are on a timer, especially on busy roads. The only time there would be a sensor like that is when cars come up on a street that normally doesn’t have too much traffic and it would be useless to have a green light for no cars.

  2. In Sydney, Australia most traffic lights have those sensors, many’s the time I’ve had to run a red light on my motorcycle for the simple face that the light would NOT change, even after ten minutes, even at major intersections.

    Sure the lights have timers too, so when there are cars at all the intersecting roads the lights don’t get stuck in one direction.

  3. GhillieSuits says:

    Has anyone tried this and confirmed it to work? If it does, I’ll be adding that magnet for sure.

  4. Bill says:

    I’d like to see this in action but I really doubt this would work unless you had a huge magnet…

  5. The Driver says:

    This is a load of rubbish. Such a small magnet could never trigger this, and anyway, in Britain, this sort of traffic light is not used. We use timers I think. And anyway, how often is it that you have to wait more than a couple of minutes at traffic lights? It’s a waste of time, I’m telling you!!!