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Ultimate Pros & Cons Worksheet, a great tool to have.

When you are making an important decision, sometimes you can’t just decide with your head, or consult another person. Sometimes you actually need to write down the pros and cons, and evaluate your situation. This is when a tool such as the ultimate pros and cons worksheet can be used. This is a great spreadsheet that was created by You can download it directly from here.

There are three separate sheets in the workbook. Three for choices, and one for overall analysis. On each choice tab, you have a large table where you can write down as many pros and cons of that choice as you wish. You can also assign a weight to each pro or con. This is very useful, because we all know that not all incentives or drawbacks are created equal. To the right of your table, you are presented with a choice analysis, which displays a tally with the running total of pros and cons, as well as a cell that tells you whether you should act or not. When you visit the overall analysis page, you can clearly see an overview of all your choices, complete with a tally and total pros count for each. It even calculates the percentage of pros, and color codes it, green being 100%, red, 0%, and a gradient for everything in between. It’s a useful tool that can really help you out in hard decisions, you should check it out.


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