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Using StumbleUpon as a Creativity Booster

You may have noticed that over the past couple weeks, posting has been scarce. It is the curse that every blogger has, the cold that everyone catches at one time or another. Writer’s block.

The “great” articles at the top of my list slowly dissipated, until all I had left were “good” articles. The summer reader slouch wasn’t helping the situation either.

In an effort to get the creative juices flowing, I stumbled a couple of sites using the StumbleUpon toolbar. Boy was that a good move. After a couple of minutes, I had discovere multiple interesting things to talk about, and I re-cindled my motivation. I think a big part of it was that I had tweaked my topic preferences carefully to display only things relevant to this blog.


I encourage you to visit your stumbleUpon preferences and  tweak them to your liking. Doing this can easily turn SU from a source of procrastination into a powerful creativity tool. Be in in photography, art, poems, culture, or whatever else you need to produce, StumbleUpon could likely help. Just make sure you don’t spend hours mindlessly browsing funny pictures!


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