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Welcome Chris from ttGTD!

I’ve been looking for a while for new writers to contribute different opinions and writing styles to Gearfire. As hard as it is to find dedicated part-time productivity writers, it was even harder to find someone who could keep, and even enrich the student-based theme of Gearfire. I am happy to announce that Chris from trying to Get Things Done is joining the Gearfire team.

When Chris launched his blog in March, I was eager to read from the only other blogger in the student productivity sub-niche. However after keeping tabs on the blog for months, it became apparent that it was not being updated. I decided to contact him, wondering what was happening with ttGTD. I found out that going into university and keeping up his GTD system was taking priority, which left no time for blogging. With Gearfire looking for writers, and Chris not having time for the technical and tedious aspects of blogging, we quickly came to an agreement for Chris to join the Gearfire team as a part-time writer.

Although my blogging fell through the cracks this summer, I was actually fairly productive and GTD’ing (which took priority over blogging, sorry readers).


We hope that you will enjoy the new topics and articles that Chris brings you. In fact, with all your former authors being in high school, having a university GTDer will likely bring great new views to your feedreader. Just remember to check the author name more frequently now, because you might not know who is talking otherwise.

ttGTD = Success

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2 Responses to “Welcome Chris from ttGTD!”

  1. lee says:

    Glad to hear that Chris will be posting over here. I enjoyed his blog and found it a help to me in my up-and-down beginning days of GTDing.


  2. Chris says:

    “I enjoyed his blog and found it a help to me in my up-and-down beginning days of GTDing.”

    I’m glad to hear that considering I posted no actual GTD content :P