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Why Pownce is Useful

You may or may not have heard of Pownce, Kevin Roseís web start-up which makes it easy to share links, photos, videos, or files with friends. Before you say “Ugh, not another chat/twitter/messaging app” let me tell you why Pownce fills a previously open gap, and why it will be useful to you.

Lets imagine you want to send a link to a music video to your friend. You would use IM, but he is offline. You donít want to send it over email, because nobody likes getting tons of random links stuffing their inbox. So what do you do? If you want the whole world to see it, you could post it on his facebook wall. If not, use Pownce.

Pownce is a great way to share links, files and notes with your friends because it eliminates the constraint of being online at the time, and does not clutter up their inbox with small messages. Imagine if every time someone wanted to send you a link, they emailed you. Your inbox would be full of these links, and you wouldnít be able to give priority to important messages. Pownce allows you to drop a message to any number of friends, or even the public.

When Twitter came out, I saw a huge buzz from everyone about how useful it was, and how important it is to tell the world what you are doing every single moment. I disagreed the whole time, and to this day still do not use Twitter. However when Pownce came out, I saw a gap being filled, and a unique method of sharing stuff with your friends emerge. Pownce even has a cool little Adobe AIR app that you can use on your desktop.


By the way, I have 5 extra Pownce invites that I wonít need. If you want one, just drop a comment below.


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10 Responses to “Why Pownce is Useful”

  1. Sydney says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Pownce out, can I get one of those invites?

    I’m excited about it because it does help when just sending small links/notes/etc. and you don’t want to use email/IM/etc.

  2. Bob says:

    Hello there! I am inviting members of Priscilla Palmer’s Personal Development List to participate in a blog series based on the Desiderata. I hope you’ll consider participating. Here is a link describing the project: Help Wanted: Desiderata Series. Thank you and have a great day.

  3. Gideon says:

    If you still have one, I’d love to try Pownce out!

  4. Quentyn says:

    Hi, this sounds cool. Would love to use it with my circle of programming buddies. Could I have an inbite?

    My email address is

  5. I need one invite!
    Last week powance was nominted as site of the week by some computer magazine. And would like to join it on account of not many users from India and my friend circle knowing anything about it.
    Jwalant Natvarlal Soneji

  6. “Pownce is a great way to share links, files and notes with your friends because it eliminates the constraint of being online at the time, and does not clutter up their inbox with small messages.”

    But they won’t get the messages if they don’t log into Pownce. I miss a lot of things that way.

  7. ob81 says:

    Nice write-up. I have been using pownce for a while now and it has been nothing but awesome. Great active friends who share a lot of interesting things has been a plus.

  8. Stacia says:

    Any invites left? I’d love to have one…pretty please.

  9. “yet another social web app” is exactly what I thought about it, but guess after this post I should give it a try…

  10. Angels says:

    I’m considering it, never heard it till now. Just floaten from cloud to cloud. Love this site!