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Don’t Buy Paper- Just Print It


Though more and more of what we do on a daily basis is being moved online, most people still have significant use for paper. It’s the standard for turning in assignments, taking notes, and the like. Paper is becoming unnecessary in more and more places, but it’s impossible to avoid the event of needing and using paper. Sorry, trees.

Paper can be a pain, though. Graphing paper, lined paper, dot paper, music paper. Who knew there were so many kinds of paper out there? Lots to buy, keep track of, and panic when you can’t find.

Or, just use Printable Paper, a web application designed to keep you fully stocked with the kind of paper you need. Using Printable Paper, you can find just about any kind of paper template you can imagine. Whether you’re looking for “Columnar Paper with three columns on letter-sized paper in portrait orientation paper” (I don’t even know what that is), or just a simple “Bowling Score Sheet,” you can get any kind of paper you need, with just blank paper and ink.

Downloading the printable papers couldn’t be easier- just find the one you want, and click on it. You’ll get the option to download it as a PDF, which will stay on your desktop forever, meaning you can use it whenever you want to. Printing is equally simple- fire up the PDF, and then print it out. It’ll print out looking just like you bought it that way.



They come out as blank pieces of paper, ready to be filled in. There’s no evidence you printed them instead of buying them, and they’re as easy to use as any other paper template. Though I don’t necessarily recommend getting all of your paper this way, it’s dead useful in a pinch. If you need notepaper, or graph paper, or even a calendar, Printable Paper’s the best way to get it quickly.

If you’re looking for more than just 8.5 x 11″ paper, sign up for the newsletter when you first get to the site. There, you’ll get updates about Fax Cover Sheets, Business Cards, Stationery, and Cash Receipts. Whether you’re looking to lower business costs, or just find some paper with the Cornell note template on it, Printable Paper’s a great place to look.

All you’ll need is a stack of printer paper, ink and staples, and you’re ready to become your very own Staples- the paper section, at least.

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15 Responses to “Don’t Buy Paper- Just Print It”

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  2. NateB says: is another good source of PDF paper templates.

  3. Wooh, that seems to be a great idea. Thanks will be trying it out. Paul

  4. Student says:

    This is very useful although I don’t know if the savings are that great with the cost of ink and you still have to buy paper for the printer, but then again small savings add up too over time.

  5. I too found this idea very interesting. But very well said you still need to buy a paper after all when you have got a printer.

  6. Setai says:

    Good link, I bookmarked it. All I need to print now is a printable sudoku for today’s evening.

  7. Linda says:

    I am sure my kids will be borrowing my paper to print. Free to them, but not to me. Oh well thats the beauty of having kids!

  8. Kidmam says:

    I use very little paper. I like to walk in the woods. -)

  9. it been much affordable to do it.Affordable idea

  10. Twin XL says:

    Wow, didn’t know this site existed. Interesting, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

  11. Nice site for paper printer. It’s really helpful for me. Thanks.

  12. Good site for free printable paper. It’s good idea. Thanks for information.

  13. used tires says:

    Oh now thats a cool website for sure! It will help me out big time this next semester at school =D

    Till then,


  14. Now we need something to print scantrons with….although the machines are probably equipped to scan homemade scantrons.

  15. Great! A very good solution, had no idea about it. I’ve had some problems with finding some special kinds of paper and when I find them, they are much more expensive than normal white paper. Now the problem can be solved so easily, god it’s just perfect!