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How to Make Waking Up Easier

This is a complete different point than waking up. This post will focus on how to get awake when you woke up already. You know that slow morning feeling right? Overslept while you have a test? You need to get awake instantly? Here are some tips to get awake.6 tips to get awake when you woke up.

  1. Illuminate yourself. Open the curtains, turn on the light. We have a biological clock which is triggered by light, use it! Get light in your eyes, let your biological clock know that the day has begun!
  2. Coffee! The most easy way. Put off your alarm and put on your coffee machine. Caffein is the most easy way to wake up right-away. Drink some coffee, be awake.
  3. Sing a song. When you put on your favorite number right when you woke up, you might sing along, dance along and act crazy. This behaviour will arouse the secretion of adrenalin, which makes you alert and awake. Don’t feel ashamed, sing out loud and you will get awake!
  4. Eat sugar. Sugar awakes you. Eat something with sugar in it, make a sandwich with peanut butter and sugar (yucks? No, it’s delicious) and get awake!
  5. Get in the cold shower. The moment you step into the cold shower, you will get a great adrenalin rush and you are awake. Not a nice feeling, but it works.
  6. All of the above. Wake up, open curtains, put on coffee machine, put sugar in coffee, put your favorite song on and sing in the shower. If this doesn’t wake you, you probably need more sleep!

Getting up is one thing, getting awake is another one. I hope this will help you in the future to get awake.This is a post by Stefan Knapen from, a blog about� living a successful college life