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;) Hint: It may take you to our feed. While your there, make sure to subscribe! Subscribing to Gearfire lets you keep up with the latest from gearfire in the feed reader of your choice. If you enjoyed your visit, please don’t hesitate to subscribe! Every reader is appreciated :)

What is RSS? RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is a method of syndicating content out of a website. Most blogs, including Gearfire, have an RSS feed, which allows readers like you to subscribe to. This means that you can receive all the new articles from Gearfire in your favorite feed reader, without having to visit every day. RSS makes it much more simple to keep up with all your favorite websites.

So how do I subscribe? You can add Gearfire to your favourite feed reader using the links below. If you don’t see your feed reader listed there, you can access our feed here, and add it to your reader manually.

I don’t want to subscribe via RSS No problem! If you are not comfortable with RSS, you can still receive regular updates using our email subscription service. Just enter your email into the email subscription box, located in the sidebar, and you will be directed to our subscription page.

All of our email subscriptions are handled through FeedBurner, the same service that does our RSS feeds. This means that not only do you get faster updates via email, but you can also rest assured that your email can not and will not be used for purposes other than delivering Gearfire’s content. You can also unsubscribe at any time without any hassle.