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Powernap to Improve Focus & Concentration

First of all, this post isn’t about HOW TO powernap. It is about how to USE a powernap. You probably all know already how to powernap (or supercharge nap, whatever you call it). Probably not the coffee trick, but I will keep that for later. Do you also know how to USE the powernap? ‘What do you mean, you just take a nap right when you are feeling tired?’ Indeed. But not only when you are feeling tired.

Big problem coming up!

Ok, your paper due date is in a couple of days and of course you haven’t started yet. Stress is coming up: ‘Only 3 more days and so much to do and I have to go exercising and I have to go to my parents and I have to go to school and this and that.’ Stop. Make a schedule, write it down. The first step to get order in your head. Then you start to brainstorm about the paper. Where is it about, how are you going to write it, write everything down. And then..

Take a nap.

Take a nap? I’m stressed and I have so much to do! Of course you have, but if you take a nap, you can process all the information you gathered. All the stress, all the brainstorm things all the planning stuff. Everything gets processed. You will wake up as a better person, as a more ‘in control’ person.But there is one more problem, people tend to stay awake when they are stressed. You need to calm down first. This is why ‘Winnie the Pooh’ is always next to my bed. Just read one story, drink coffee and set your alarm half an hour ahead and have your powernap.

So next time you are stressed, get everything out of your head on paper, take a nap and feel better. Good luck.

This is a post by Stefan Knapen from, a blog about studying successful. Stefan is a med school student from the Netherlands who likes to experiment with study tactics and with everything which comes with studying!