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Sunday Links - Nov 18 Edition wrote a great article on using top 100 lists to find creative solutions to any problem.

If you are a serious tab-user like me, you may notice your Firefox becomes a huge memory hog after a couple minutes of switching back and forth between tabs. Here is a old but useful hack that will reduce memory usage!

Another great vista-like tweak for XP can be found over at Howtogeek, where they reveal how to get vista style drive icons in Windows XP.

Donald over at LifeOptimizer talks about How to Live your Books and Not Just Read Them. This is something I need to work on.

If you have a friend or relative who has been bugging you about their computer running slowly, you can remotely control somebody’s desktop the easy way.

Sick of looking at a quadruple digit spam counter in your gmail sidebar? This nifty filter can mark spam as read, except for items which might be accidently flagged.

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