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7 Important Factors in Choosing a Good Work Environment

When you are thinking of moving around your desk or choosing a new place to work, it may be a good idea to keep some of the following things in mind. Do a quick check around you and with a couple adjustments you should find it easier to work and you will be able to work longer and more efficiently.

1. Lighting

Having a good light source is important for using your important, and natural light is quite refreshing, But If you have a dim monitor or if it’s too bright to see your computer screen easily there is a problem. Try to find a balance between the two, or a dimmer would be Ideal. Even a small table lamp you can turn on to read a paper document better would be useful. Having light helps you feel less stressed and allows you to concentrate on what you are doing without any strain or discomfort.

2. Comfortable seating

Getting an ergonomic chair for your desk may be expensive and it certainly isn’t necessary. Find a chair that is comfortable to sit on but keeps your back straight and gives you good back support. Dining room chairs usually have nice back support but lack in the comfort, where a fluffy living room chair gives you all the comfort you need and leaves you leaning forward, or spending to much time relaxing. Try to find a balance in between the two. Most office chairs work fine.

3. Organization / Clean environment

Trying to find something is never productive. Having to search through stuff is a hassle and takes up valuable time, along with making you feel overwhelmed. Just get some baskets, a filing cabinet system or drawers. Clean is equally important. When you are in a neat and tidy working environment without grime or dirt it’s much easier to focus. Try a shower or even just putting on a clean shirt may make you feel refreshed and ready to work.

4. Distractions

Music may make you feel good but usually it doesn’t help. Neither does a blaring TV, someone walking past or your e-mail inbox. They say that curiosity killed the cat,  It also kills productivity. While checking your e-mails, or who walked past may only lose you a couple seconds you also lose your train of thought and focus. Make sure you aren’t looking at a busy street or have a view of the kitchen or other busy places. If you know a roommate plays loud music then set up your study space down the hall. If there is nothing to distract you it’s a lot easier to get through something as you don’t have to go back and re- do the calculation or try to remember what you had planned out for the next sentence. If you must check your e-mails while your working delay until it’s necessary as that would give you a better chance of only having to check once.


5. Plants / Trinkets

Having a few photos, artwork, ceramic pigs, or whatever trinket you may like may not be directly productive. If they help create a positive work environment It’s worth it anyways. Bringing a little more uniqueness to the area may help you feel more comfortable working there. Plants are also helpful, You can pick one you like and nurture it, while it gives you a steady stream of oxygen. Useful in a stuffy room, It just helps you stay focused.

6. Consider emotional-ties to a work area

It’s interesting how being certain places can strike up certain feelings. For example,  re-visiting where you played as a kid may make you happier. Try to do the same for your study space. Avoid places where you have been un-productive before. For example your bed room is likely a bad place to work as your subconscious mind associates being there with relaxing. If you have a bad memory that happened somewhere in your house you may not want to study there as it may bring up those feelings again, or just depress you in general. The best place to work is someplace new so you can make your own productive mindset around that area.

7. Temperature

When you are feeling warm a nice cool breeze can keep you refreshed and when you are cold heat will give you a fuzzy feeling inside. Make sure you are at a comfortable temperature but avoid becoming too comfortable or you may switch into relax mode. and begin thinking about something else. A refreshing breeze can be useful when you are having trouble focusing.

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2 Responses to “7 Important Factors in Choosing a Good Work Environment”

  1. I actually decided to quit my waiting job and work on campus. The money is much less, but the environment is perfect for getting things done! Great post!

  2. Jerah Halyon says:

    I followed these tips and found that my employees work much better under the conditions. This is the way a business should run.