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ClaimID - Manage your online identity

The internet is a wonderful way to gather information about anything or anyone you wish.This makes it easy for employers to run a check on a potential employee without going through the hassle and cost of regular checks.

It is a fact that many employers now run your name through google and other search engines to find out a bit more about you. This is much cheaper and easier than a regular background check, and can provide a whole lot more information about you and your personal life. Employers have been known to visit Myspace pages, check Flickr albums, and view blogs. That is why you need to control what you put on the internet, and what is in your name. That is where ClaimID comes in.

Many times, only you yourself can be held personal for what you put on the net in your name. It is common sense to be careful what you post on the internet in your name. If any document or photo has your name or face attached, assume that someone you know, potentially an employer, will see it. Think of that when you go to post those wild pictures of Saturday night at Ashley’s house.


That said, you cannot control what stuff is posted by other people with your name. Your employer could stumble upon some other “Josh Ruthford” and his accomplishments, mistaking them for yours. Or worse yet, maybe a piece of work or accomplishment that you would really like your employer to see may not come up because you didn’t provide adequate identity when writing it.

This is the purpose of ClaimID. ClaimID is a tool that allows you to manage your online identity. With ClaimID, you can “claim” information on the web to your name by linking to it from your ClaimID profile. You can arrange these links in categories, as well as upload a picture and create a profile. Overall, ClaimID is a great tool which should be used by any person applying for a job in the near future, or anytime for that matter.

It is never to early to start managing your identity online. You never know who could look!

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