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Exam Articles Round-up

This being a student productivity blog, I think I should set a good example by halting my writing during exams. As much as I would love to spend extra time writing, studying is higher priority. Regular posting will resume on June 12th, after exams. For now, I leave you with a round-up of our best exam-related posts.


Gradefix: Study Schedules Made Easy - to put it bluntly, if your not using this app, you are missing out on free marks!

Exercising at your Computer - Studying for hours on end will take a toll on your body. Pay attention to these tips, and take frequent breaks from studying.

The Dual Screen Suggestion - If you are creating spreadsheets, mind-maps, or review notes, it is painful and unproductive to keep switching between windows. Using another monitor can be extremely helpful in these cases.

5 Steps to Securing your Data - What is worse than forgetting to study a chapter in a course? When a hard-drive failure eats your coursework for the entire year, thats what. Be safe, backup.

Use your Desktop Background to Study - just another way to passively add study time, without really noticing. 

Schoolr: Start page for students - Useful for research, etc. 


Toggl & SlimTimer Review - good apps to help you track study time for each course.

How to wake up early - and why you should do it. 


See you again in two weeks! 




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    Organize IT

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