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Firefox - Rediscover the Web

I’m sure you’ve heard if it by now, but you’re probably not using it yet. Firefox. The revolutionary web browser that is taking on internet explorer in the fight for browser dominance.

Stop reading this blog. Just stop right here, go to and download firefox 2.0

Well, maybe read the rest of this post first…


I’m not going to bore you with the history of firefox or any of that rubbish. In short, firefox is basically a totally user customizable browser. Users can download themes to change the appearance of the browser, and download extensions that add or modify features in firefox. As well as providing total user expansion, firefox has a bunch of great features that come in the package, that you just cant find with internet explorer. Here’s a few reasons why to switch to firefox:


  1. Tabbed Browsing - This is the one reason I can’t go back to internet explorer after using firefox. I just can’t live without… tabs! Firefox has integrated tabbed browsing. This means that you can surf the net, and when you click on a link, instead of bringing it up in a new window, it brings it up in a tab. The advantage is that your taskbar will be less cluttered, you will only have 1 firefox window open no matter how many sites your browsing. Sounds sort of silly, eh? Well trust me its not. You will fall in love with tabbed browsing in mere minutes.
  2. Great download manager - One of the things I hate the most about internet explorer is that every time I try to download something, I have to choose where to save it, and then I have to manage a separate window for each download. Not with firefox. The firefox download manager manages all your downloads in a single window. You can pause and resume downloads at any time, as well as specify a default download folder. Not to mention its just plain faster.
  3. Customizable Toolbars - with firefox, you can customize the layout of your address and toolbars. Personally, I like to use google toolbar for the search box and spell check, but I don’t like all the other clutter that comes with it, not to mention it reduces my screen space. With firefox, I move my address and search boxes around, which saves space and makes the browser much more streamline.
  4. Find function and pop-up blocker - Another thing firefox has on internet explorer is their find function (Ctrl+F). The firefox find feature stays open while you surf from page to page automatically hi-lighting what you want to find. No more annoying boxes and repetitively hitting Ctrl F.
  5. Extendable - Probably my final and biggest point, extendability. Sure firefox comes with great features, but every user is different, and so should be their browser. With thousands of extensions available and more being developed every day, there is something for everyone.


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One Response to “Firefox - Rediscover the Web”

  1. shmock says:

    And If you’re still not convinced then with a certain extension you can have internet explorer Inside Firefox. Now you have no reason not to switch..