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How to Create your Own Self Reflection Template in 3 Easy Steps

I was over at reading their great article, Smart Questions That Will Super Charge Your Life. I realized that out of 40 questions given, there were questions focused on day-to-day productivity, reaching your goals, becoming a better person, and everything in between. Basically, I found myself looking at a “Build your own Self Reflection Template”. Even, if you aren’t up for contemplating the meaning of life, you can find many great productivity-based reflection questions, such as the 5 listed below.

1. What do I want to accomplish today?
2. What is the most important thing I need to do today?
3. What can I cross off my list by deleting or delegating?
4. What are my top 3 current goals?
5. What have I been avoiding doing that I can do today?

Oddly enough, when I followed the steps and creating my own Self Reflection “Template” of 5 question to ask myself daily, I noticed that only two of the above were on my list, and the rest were balanced between reaching goals, and becoming a better person. Here are the steps I took to weed-out irrelevant questions and find my five.

1. Ask yourself “What is most important to me in life?”. Your answer will probably be a combination of multiple things, such as “being a kind and caring person” or “achieving my goals”, or maybe both. These are what you will base your questions on in the next steps. You should now the full list of questions in front of you, with whatever questions you added yourself.


2. One by one, remove questions that do not apply to what is important to you. Also eliminate questions that you do not want to ask yourself. For example, even though “What have I been avoiding doing that I can do today?” may fill you with answers and useful reflection now, you may get tired of this question after a while, and it probably won’t apply all of the time. Go for more general questions that are more open-ended.

3. Reduce and Condense. Now you should have left a list of questions that you would like to ask yourself, and that apply to your values and what is important to you in life. It is now only a matter of reducing and condensing this list to the point that you find fit. Seven or less questions is ideal, as more than that could leave you overwhelmed. Further combine or eliminate questions until you have a suitable number of self-reflection questions.

Congratulations! You have just successfully creating your own personal list of self-reflection questions! Now keep this list in a safe place, and refer to it daily, weekly, or whenever you are feeling lost.

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