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Jott + Vitalist = GTDer’s Dream?

You may know that I am a strong fan of Vitalist, an online task manager and GTD app. You may also know from past posts that I was very interested in voice memo service “Jott”, which was not available in Canada. Well yesterday was my lucky day when I found out that Jott had a working local phone number near Toronto that I could call with my cell phone for no extra charge.

Just to give you an overview, Jott is a service that allows you to phone their number, record a voice message, and that message will be translated to text and sent to your inbox. I was having trouble using Jott before because the Canadian number was not accepting my phone’s caller id, meaning Jott didn’t know who to send the memo to. Now that that is fixed, we Canadians are finally able to use Jott.

With a little fiddling in both Vitalist and Jott, I was able to configure Jott to send my transcribed voice memos over to my inbox at Vitalist. Instead of overflowing my inbox with new tasks, I could have them neatly delivered into my current task manager, where all I had to do was set the priority, project, and context, then move it over into my Next Actions.

And best of all, you can use Jott only with your leftover minutes, meaning you won’t spend any extra on text message charges or long distance.




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