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Meme: Who is in my feed list?

I have just been “challenged” at Lorelle on WordPress to post about who is in my feed list. I probably wouldn’t have written this a month ago, because my feed list was nothing to be proud of. I had over 120 individual subscriptions, many of them to large posting sites such as Digg, Reddit, and, which posted upwards of 70 items a day each. Since then, I have drastically reduced my feed intake, cutting my subscriptions down to 50 and making the most frequently updated feed Lifehacker. Here are the most significant feeds on my list now. I do have 50, but many of them have a post frequency of well under 1/day, such as my Twitter feed.

LifeHacker - Currently my most frequently updating feed. Even though it is really a catcher feed, they do a really good job of finding unique content from hundreds of other sites that I don’t read. - Good general productivity and health articles.

Download Squad - cool new software and websites.

Giveaway of the Day - frequently posts good productivity software such as FusionDesk and ConceptDraw. I used to have Game Giveaway of the Day, but I didn’t download most of them.

Small Bites - highlights good and bad foods daily. I’m not on a diet or anything, but I enjoy discovering new foods. - The only comic I read anymore. I unsubscribed from Daily Dilbert, but this comic is always funny.

Solution Watch - updated about once a month with a review of a web 2.0 app. Even with the bad post frequency, I keep it because the posts are high-quality and informative.

Copyblogger - I keep a couple blogging blogs to get tips for Gearfire, including Daily Blog Tips, Lorelle on WordPress, and my favourite: Copyblogger.

Sizlopedia - interesting content, very similar to Digg, but less useless garbage.


Hate the Grind -similar in nature to JohnChowDotCom with very nice money-making ideas and other content.

Scott H Young -

The Ririan Project - good wellness, leadership, and health blog.

Zen Habits - a great GTD blog with useful, thought-provoking content.

The Simple Dollar - good personal finance advice on how to get out of or stay out of debt.

The Daily Saint -looks at the mind and spiritual aspects of productivity such as how you interact with others, sleep, self-confidence, etc.

How did I do this? Mostly by eliminating all “catcher feeds”; feeds which are collections of stuff from other websites. The only catcher feeds that I kept were Lifehacker and, because they usually had relevant content. Frankly though, I just didn’t have the time to look at funny pictures and read about politics on

I also cut down on the folders. I combined a lot of stuff. Instead having one folder for comics, and one for urgent things such as news and Giveaway of The Day, I just put those all into one folder. Presently, I have 6 folders and 2 tags, and I usually filter through quickly in 10 minutes, starring items I want to read later. Then whenever I want to take a break from work, I just drop in on my starred section, and pick an article to read.

So what is on your feed list? Post a comment with your top 3 feeds that you couldn’t live without.

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One Response to “Meme: Who is in my feed list?”

  1. Thanks for listing The Daily Saint- among 50 I feel privileged! I read GF very often and like the educational aspect to your many helpful posts. Keep up the good work!