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Myndology “Bare” Series Review

Myndology recently came out with a new line of environmentally friendly notebooks called the “Bare” series. I have reviewed Myndology notebooks before, and have expressed how pleased I have been.

The new Bare series comes in two sizes. The old Journal (6.5″ x8.5″), and a new size called Memo (3″x4″) which is similar to an old Index size, but has rings on the side instead of the top. For the review, Myndology sent me the journal notebook pictured to the right.

What is Bare?

Let’s talk about what makes Bare different from Myndology’s regular line of notebooks. The concept is that each notebook is made from recycled acid-free paper, printed on with soy ink, and manufactured with clean energy.

clay_journal1.pngColors and Design

The first thing you notice is that the color-scheme uses very earthy tones compared to the original fluorescent designs. The notebook also has a new cover, which is just as interesting as the last. If you thought the original Myndology covers were too flashy, Bare is for you.

Paper Quality

The paper is slightly yellow tinted, but it is not noticable. It gives the notebook an old feeling, which may be something you are after. The paper also fits nicely into the general earthy color scheme.



Just like buying organic produce costs more than regular produce, and free-range eggs cost more than regular eggs, this environmentally friendly notebook will cost you about 50% more than it’s regular counterpart. Certainly more expensive, but not unreasonable, considering the environmental friendliness of the notebook.


The new Bare notebooks are a great alternative to Myndology’s primary line, but are not for everyone. If you like the style, or want an environmentally friendly notebook and are willing to spend the extra couple bucks, go for it! Personally, I like the flashy fluorescent primary colors, so I think I will stick with them.

Goodies for Gearfire Readers

I asked Myndology to supply a 10% off coupon for Gearfire readers who would like to buy notebooks. The code is “GTDFOR10” without the quotes, and it is valid until the end of sept ember. I highly suggest you take advantage of this, and at least buy a Journal sized notebook. You will not regret it! By the way, this is NOT a paid review.

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