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PDF Conversions

In a recent article we covered how to make .pdf files, an Adobe file format which provides a clean simple way to handle large files containing text, images and advanced formatting. One of the features The default software (Adobe Reader) lacks, is the ability to edit a .pdf. Which makes things difficult for any one looking to make a couple quick changes.
Here's where one of my new handy web applications come in. can take your .pdf and export it to you in a Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel file format. (It can also be used to convert those same file formats into a PDF.)
It's simple to use; just upload the file using the form, insert your email address and then check your mail. So anywhere you can access your mail server you can have your converted .pdf.
In other words, provides a extremely useful, simple service. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked about how to edit a .pdf, They make it as easy as Microsoft Word.
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