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5 things to prepare the night before

Image © Steve Woods

Going to school or college unprepared can be a nightmare. It will often result in angry teachers, chaotic days and the near impossible feat of trying to get everything done without the adequate resources. My top tip for preventing this, prepare what you need for the next day, the night before.


1. Check your schedule
Take a look at what lessons you have got the next day and get prepared! Make sure you've got all homework assignments completed and the notes you will need for tomorrow. Pile up your textbooks ready for the morning as well so you aren't on the hunt for the inevitable textbook that goes missing.


2. Plan out your free time
If you've got a lot of free time between lessons, it can be a good idea to consider what you are going to do, and that you have everything you need to get those things done! Free lessons can become a tremendous waste of time, or a blessing that stops you having to work late into the night depending on how you treat them.

3. Check you e-mail
Not applicable to all of us, however; some teachers use e-mail a lot more than others. Actionable items can hit our inbox over the weekend that will bog us down come Monday. Check you're emails in the early evening and see if there's any notes that need printing or anything that needs scheduling into you're calender.

4. Prepare lunch
For anything that can be prepared the night before, do so and stick it in the fridge. Not only does this save time in the morning, but you are likely to eat much healthier by doing so. It will also help your budget because you're less likely to run late and not have time to make lunch, which usually results in a trip to the local cafe/coffee shop.

5.  Charge your gadgets
Check any gadgets you will be taking with you (your PDA, cell phone, MP3 player etc.) and see if they need charging. I've lost track of the times I have had to borrow someones' phone to make a call because my battery has gone flat.

On a final note...
It's a great idea to have everything in your bag and ready to go. This save so much stress as you know that all you have to do is grab your bag and go!

What do you do to to prepare for the day of lessons you have ahead of you? Share this with us in the comments section below.

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3 Responses to “5 things to prepare the night before”

  1. Leighna says:

    So true! and yet so often I ignore these things…

  2. I always forget to cook my lunch and get hungry

  3. I need to start planning more things the night before. That would really streamline my day!