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Software Review: Q10

Q10 is a minimalistic word processor. By minimalistic, I mean it strongly resembles a type writer, with a few added extras such as word counts, timers and editing.

The twist to this piece of software is that it works in full screen, in addition to being simple. This makes it great for when you just cannot focus, it’s designed not to come with the bells and whistles of other word processors that just distract us from what it is we are doing - writing.

Once you have finished writing, the document is saved as a text file and can then be imported into normal word processing software for formatting, saving you from being distracted by formatting whilst working.


I’d strongly recommend this software if you struggle to focus when writing, particularly if you get distracted by complicated menus or other computer programs running in the background. The software, and Q10′s website, can be found here.

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