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Quick Tip: Disable that Annoying Windows Update Reboot Nag

You know that annoying popup that appears every 15 minutes nagging you to restart windows after updates have been installed? Not only is this annoying if you don’t want to or can’t restart, but if you are doing something in full screen mode, it will minimize it to display you the popup box. Here is a quick tutuorial on how to disable this annoying windows popup, and spare you a lot of frustration and possibly some embarrassment.

Method 1 (GUI)

Click start then Run (or windows key + r) and type services.msc and press enter. Next find “Automatic updates” and stop the service (right click -> stop).

Method 2 (Command prompt)

Click start then Run (or windows key + r) and type cmd then press enter. Type in the following and press enter:

net stop wuauserv

Method 3 (Batch script & Launchy)


Open up your favorite text editor and type in:

net stop wuauserv

Save this file as a batch file (e.g. begone.bat) and run it. Keep this file in a place where you will remember it for the next time you need it. To kill the popup with launchy, put the bach file in c:\program files\launchy\utilities\ and set that folder to index .bat files… You know the drill ;-)

(In case you werent sure, wuauserv stands for “Windows Update Automatic Update Service.)

PS. Windows Update service will start the next time you reboot so you dont have to worry about not having anymore updates.

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