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Quick Tip: Run ad-aware as a background process

If you run ad-aware scans on an older computer, or you run it frequently on any computer, you are probably aware of how demanding the scans are on system resources. On most computers the scan will likely interfere with your other computer activity, and in the case of older computers, it may require full CPU power and system resources.

Malware scans should be a routine task, but it shouldn’t be painful. Luckily with a small tweak, you can make Ad-Aware run as it should… in the background.

1. Open Ad-Aware and click on the Gear button to open the Configuration Window.

2. Click the Tweak on the bottom of the left column.


3. Click the + next to Scanning Engine.

4. Click the x next to Run scan as background process (Low CPU usage) to change it to a checkmark.

5. Click the Proceed button to save your settings

Thanks to Tech-Recipe for this great tip. Find the original article here.

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One Response to “Quick Tip: Run ad-aware as a background process”

  1. James says:

    Thanks for the tip. It will be very useful for people whose computers are not very fast, if they want to save CPU usage.