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Recover Stolen Gadgets with GadgetTrak

Don’t you wish you could program all your valuable gadgets to phone home when they are stolen? Wouldn’t you like a way to embed a ‘tracking chip’ or something of the like to help recover your mp3 player or digital camera once it is stolen? I, like most others, have up until this point believed that this is just a dream. As wonderful as it sounds, one would think it to be very impractical in terms of cost, and physically embedding the chip into your gadgets. Up until this point, I was not aware of GadgetTrak. GadgetTrak is a cool new service that will track your gadgets when stolen, for FREE!

Here is how it works. When you want to add tracking capabilities to a gadget, you create a profile for it, and then you get a couple of files, which you must place in the gadget’s root directory. Whenever one of your gadgets is stolen, simply log on to y our GadgetTrak account, and mark the gadget’s profile as stolen. This will enable the device’s tracking script, which will run every time the device is plugged into a computer. The script DOES require the user to actually execute it, but it cleverly disguises itself as a USB driver, to trick the thief into running it. If an internet connection is present, the script will send out the location, username, and IP address of the computer it is connected to.


The beauty of this is that it is totally free, and can potentially be installed on any computer-bound device, such as digital cameras, USB drives, external hard drives, mp3 players, or anything else connected by USB. This looks like a very cool service, and I am eager to try it out. Has anyone had experience with GadgetTrak?

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