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Research vs Writing

A lot of people have the problem of getting an assignment and starting to write it straight away. The problem with this is that you do not yet have a clear idea of exactly where your writing is going. You do not yet have a plan.

Researching will provide an insight that is difficult to achieve otherwise. Some people do not enjoy or understand exactly how to research. The following pointers will help:


  • Search the Internet – this is a quick and easy way to get a general overview of the topic
  • Go to the library – books on a single topic will always be more detailed than a website. Make sure you read more than one book though to get various viewpoints
  • Read journal articles – journals provide the latest research on hundreds of topics, and are an invaluable source for any student

Once you fully understand the topic you are being marked on you can begin to write.
Until you have begun researching, your writing will all be pointless and often wrong. I like to call this filler or fluff. Your assignments should contain as little fluff as possible and that can only come through research.

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3 Responses to “Research vs Writing”

  1. paulette says:

    I agree with you that research gives a deeper insight of a topic.While writing, if done without research will be straight and lack of substance.There’s no point in reading a write up lacking in substance.

  2. Research is one of the most important tools for writing. It is almost always the first step to everything. If you didn’t do your research, how else will you know what to write about? How will you know how to address a certain issue? Or the right way to go about it? How will you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your topic or the extent to which something is applied?

  3. I also agree that research is much more important. Writing without knowing doesn’t make any sense and the work is not valuable. Besides, if we spend time on something let’s find out something new at the same time.