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Back to School Round-up: 8 Articles to Help you This Year

With Gearfire being a student productivity blog, and it being back-to-school time, I thought you might enjoy a round-up of some of our student tips from the last year.

7 Tips to Stop Facebook from Jeopardizing your School Career - If you are a facebook addict, but you’ve heard stories of people getting expelled from school and college for things posted on their profiles, then you should read this.

Schoolr: Start-page for Students - give yourself an academic boost by changing your browser start-page to something useful instead of distracting.

5 Steps to Securing your Data - having a hard-drive crash, getting a fatal computer virus, or having someone physically steal your data are not good situations to be in. So ensure you aren’t by following these tips.

How to Reduce the Size of Microsoft Office Files - sending that 30MB powerpoint file to John to proof-read is a major pain in the butt. Instead, try sending the same file, only 1.4MB instead of 30.

5 Tips for Fast and Effective Learning - a guest post by gtdfrk that outlines some ways to improve your learning. And considering your in school, learning is important, no?

Why you Should Wake Up Early and 5 Tips to Do So - sleeping in until 11 each morning is not good, especially when your first class is at 10. Contrary to popular belief, waking up early doesn’t have to be that hard.

For those students who have laptops…


How to Properly Clean your Laptop’s LCD Screen - how you clean LCDs is important, because improper cleaning will result in annoying mineral deposits that distort clarity.

34 Ways to Improve your Battery Life - having your laptop run out of juice during an important note is bad. So don’t let it happen, by conserving your battery life using some of these tips.

The best from the rest of the blogosphere…

Web 2 Cool for Students - DownloadSquad highlights some of the best web2.0 tools for students to use this year.

Beef Up your Backpack with eNotes - AppScout shows us a cool directory of academic notes for students.

To really hit the year off, the next three days will be filled with fresh new student articles! Stay tuned!

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