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Memorize and Study Online with Cue Flash

Whether it was for studying for that science exam or memorizing a sales pitch or speech, I would bet that everyone has used cue/flash cards at one point in their lives.  In my life, the only downside I have experienced using cue/flash cards is making them and keeping track of them.  CueFlash solves the latter.  CueFlash is an online tool for creating flash cards and organizing them into decks which you can later add more cards to.  CueFlash has got to be one of the easiest flash-card making application to use out there.  The signup process involves entering a desired username and password.  No address, phone or email conformation nonsense.  CueFlash really “cuts to the chase” so to say.  Usage is also incredibly straight forward.


You can choose from preset decks of flash cards to study, or you can create a custom set. One really cool feature is that you have a complete WYSIWYG editor on each flash card. You can change  text color, bold, bullet, and much more to your text. After you create all of your cards, you can enter test mode, where you are flashed the front of a flash card. When you flip it over, you have to choose whether you were right or wrong. A little honesty is involved, but I think this system is actually pretty clever, because each user probably has a different standards-level for their answers. Collaboration is a big point at CueFlash.  It allows you to share decks and even make them publicly available.  The public deck library contains decks on language, science, biology, vocabulary and more.


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One Response to “Memorize and Study Online with Cue Flash”

  1. Elise says:

    Thank you so much!!!!