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Don’t Miss Out!

Generally speaking, there is so much going on all the time on a college campus and its surrounding town. It’s easy to ignore or forget about these events as we all get caught up in our own lives. However, one of the coolest parts about being in school is to have access to all sorts of speakers, concerts, groups, athletic games, etc. Take advantage of this! Most of these events are probably free or low-cost to you as a student. Here are a few ideas to keep up with all that’s happening at your school:

  • Read the newspaper: If your school has a newspaper, it probably lists some of the upcoming events. Check it out!
  • Read the emails: Many colleges send out aggregations of what is going on around campus via email. Don’t just delete these emails, because there could be some really interesting events happening.
  • Check the calendar: Your school website probably has a calendar listing events like sports games and orchestra concerts.
  • Event invites: Don’t necessarily ignore all those Facebook or E-vites invites you receive. You could be missing out on a choral concert or karaoke night at an on-campus coffee shop. Relatedly, sometimes it pays to go through the events of your friends.
  • Pay attention: Check out the flyers, posters, sheet sign, and chalkings that are probably all over your campus.

What other ideas do you have?


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11 Responses to “Don’t Miss Out!”

  1. Diety says:

    I subscribed to my university newsletter and to students’ organization newsletter - there’s no big event I can miss. Doesn’t your school provide newsletter?

  2. I got one word - Facebook! Most social events are punted via this medium these days…

  3. My school’s website is rather disorganized and as a result, it can be hard to track upcoming events. However, the school newspaper has more than made up for this.

  4. I think paying attention is the most important one. Almost everyday you hear someone saying to another ‘hey are you going to that party?’ or something similiar. If you hear about this, check the calendar afterwoods and see which event you AIN’T going to miss!

  5. Attention is key.Nowadays social networking sites do have upto date news better than most college newsletters or notice boards.

  6. I agree that you have to take advantage of all of these events while in school. Once you leave school and become part of the working world, there are a lot less of these types of low-priced events. You don’t want to get overwhelmed with school work either….eventually everyone needs a break.

  7. used tires says:

    Being a college student myself, I can relate to this, I definitely check up on the emails, and I try to once in a while check out the fliers that are going around school. I check out who is coming into the university to be a speaker, I always try my best to take advantage of that. But I really do need to take more advantage of the activities that go around campus, and to socialize more. And I suggest everyone to do it as well, its worth it!

    Till then,


  8. gas card says:

    From my experience, I would receive loads of emails from the event coordinators at my school. Sometimes the things sounded pretty interesting and sometimes they sounded boring, but I tried to go to some of them. Its just like you said, there is so much that you have to do, so much you have to study, etc that sometimes it’s overwhelming.

  9. Great article! It is so easy to stay behind when you’ve got work to do, classes to attend and all you wanna do at the end of the day is just go to bed. Sometimes we forget to check what is going on around. It’s really worth to subscribe to some mailing list about the current events and checking our e-mail we will be always well informed about everything that’s going on.

  10. I usually head to the school’s website or bulletin board for school programs and updates. Since joined the our University group in Facebook, I also receive announcement,updates and even gossip around the campus.

  11. I agree that you have to take advantage of all of these events while in school.