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Student Tool: Increase Your Organization with 30Boxes Web 2.0 App

This web 2.0 app is very unique. It is sort of a webOS/calendar/social networking mashup. The calendar is great, a nice and usable UI, and it is very snappy - not something you see in all web 2.0 apps. 30Boxes calendar looks to me like a matured project, as everything is very fluent and sensible. You can add events at the click of a mouse button, and have reminders sent to you via SMS (depending on if your provider is supported) or email. It also has many standard holidays marked in right off the bat such as Halloween, Christmas, New Years etc. Not only can you have reminders rent to you, but you can subscribe to your own or others’ calenders via RSS, iCal, Google homepage Yahoo and Bloglines. All in all, the calendar is a great app worth signing up for.


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One Response to “Student Tool: Increase Your Organization with 30Boxes Web 2.0 App”

  1. Todd V says:

    For students with a macintosh computer, the Ready-Set-Do! program I designed is a great way to get on top of projects. It automatically calculates and color-codes tasks based on the deadlines set by the student.

    There’s also a “Speak It On My iPod” app that ports spoken text onto one’s ipod to help study for exams. I created it to help me get through my own comprehensive exams. I would not have made it through graduate school without them. I’m very interested in what students in particular think of these programs and would love to get some feedback from them.