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Fix Popup Windows that are Too Small in Firefox

toosmall.pngFirefox is a great browser, but one of the things that frustrates me is that sometimes you get popup windows that are too small to see the actual content of the window. I think this has something to do with the icons and things in my statusbar, but the problem is you cannot resize these windows. Luckily I was able to find a fairly simple fix to this that only requires changing one value in your about:config.


  1. Open a new tab, type about:config into the location bar and hit enter.
  2. You will see a huge list of preferences and values. Scroll down until you see the preference “dom.disable_window_open_feature.resizable”
  3. Beside this, it’s value should say false. Double-click on the preference name to change it’s value to true.
  4. Close about:config and exit Firefox. When you open your next session, the problem should be fixed.
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12 Responses to “Fix Popup Windows that are Too Small in Firefox”

  1. 0lly says:

    Thanks for this post..

    Although, your google ad’s got in the way of the full preference!

    It should read “dom.disable_window_open_feature.resizable”

    And on my screen res all i can see is..


    I doubled clicked on the bit i could see, to select it all and “Ctrl+C”

    Pasted it, and pronto!


    Thanks again! :D

  2. Aubrey says:

    This worked for me for about 2 days (I was thrilled! lol) But today I started browsing and noticed the problem is back exactly as it was before :( Same windows from the same site and still coming up too small to show the content within it, any other suggestions?


  3. Jonathan says:

    I upgraded to Firefox 3 and am now getting popup windows _way_ too small to show content (all I’m getting is a truncuated title in the header and the “X” to close the window — no actual content!). (The popup window, by the way, is the Plugin Finder Service.) I tried to do as suggested here, but the value for dom.disable_window_open_feature.resizable is already set to “true.” Any other suggestions?

  4. RIchard says:

    Outstanding. Thank you.

  5. Angel says:

    Yes, I find FireFox very frustrating sometimes although many love it. Seems both FireFox and IE have there short comings but maybe it me. Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing. Oh well. I still like IE best, it’s fussy but it seems you can get, though trial and error but Firefox it either works or it doesn’t!

  6. Thanks I get windows like that all the time

  7. I also use firefox browser. I will fix up now. Thanks.

  8. Firefox is really good browser and i like it’s addons. Thanks for information about fix pop-up window.

  9. When my friends give me a link in my msn messenger, it opens up firefox and it works fine, I’m able to browse the internet normally.

  10. jeggings says:

    I had a problem with firefox as well. now it works normally, don’t know what happened…

  11. I had to reread the article, it would be easier if you put the ” About:config” in the 3 steps… because at first it didn’t work, my fault I am sure.