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Have a Legal Question? Get it Answered with LawGuru!

Yahoo Answers and similar Q&A sites are great because they allow anyone to ask questions, and get answers from the community. But what if you have a more serious legal question that you need answered accurately, by real attorneys? Maybe you need an answer for a school assignment, for your current situation, or maybe you are just curious. This is where LawGuru comes in.

LawGuru is a website you can use to ask a legal question to a database of over 5,000 registered attorneys. This ensures you will get a fast and accurate answer from the experts.

In addition to asking a question, you can search past questions and answers, and see how your question has been answered in the past.


And if you are looking for a local attorney, you can search their database, and evaluate attorneys by their answers to questions before you hire them.

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One Response to “Have a Legal Question? Get it Answered with LawGuru!”

  1. robin berkovitch says:

    My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 17 and my stepfather recieved everything that belonged to her according to the Will. I haven’t recieved any payements for college from him but according to the divorce papers each parent owes half. My biological father has been paying all of it. I also wanted to know if it’s possible to sue a step father for cheating on my mother while she was ill and not being there emotionally and for other immoral behavior during that time.