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6 Great Organization Articles

The other day I came across a great productivity and organization site called LifeOrganizer has a great collection of hundreds of articles relating to home organization, time organization, and office organization. Here are a couple of my favourite articles.

Creating a file for product warranties – This is one simple step that everyone should take to save money. If you keep all of your warranty information in a single place, you can be sure that you will find it when you need it. If you lose or misplace a warranty, it can be very troublesome to track down the manufacturer.

5 Little Known Time-saving Tips – These are actually quite clever. I especially like the idea of folding sets of sheets inside pillow cases. Your home is just like any office, and needs to be organized just as carefully.

15 Top Time-saving tasks – Just some basic tips related to saving time. Many of them are simple, but there are probably a few you don’t know yet.


5 Things You can do with your Computer to Save Time – Computers are a great productivity tool. Unfortunately some people don’t use them to their fullest. If you know anyone, like your parents, who aren’t very familiar with computers, pass this article on to them.

How to maximize the effectiveness of your filing system - Just some tips for one who is thinking of setting up a home filing system.

Prevent identity theft by shredding papers – Information about identity theft and how shredding your sensitive papers can help stop it.

Do you have any other online articles that have helped you a lot in terms of organization? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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One Response to “6 Great Organization Articles”

  1. [...] R presents 6 Great Organization Articles posted at Gearfire, saying, “Couple of great articles relating to [...]

  2. [...] R presents 6 Great Organization Articles posted at Gearfire, saying, “Couple of great articles relating to [...]

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