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Productivity Links - 04/02/07

Note: From now on, I will try to order the links from most productive to least. As you can see below, sometimes I include a fun article or two, which I think is interesting, but not necessarily productive. Don't worry, I'll try to keep on topic. No politics or anything.. 


Resize columns on Google Homepage - I am becoming a very big fan of Google Operating System. They keep delivering awesome Greasemonkey scripts which I use every day, like Google Reader Search, and Google Tagcloud generator.

How to reset a frozen iPod - It took me up until a couple weeks ago to figure this one out. Whenever my iPod used to freeze, I would just let it run out the batteries, then plug it into my computer… this is a must-know!


How to pass a Silicon Valley Software Engineering Interview - if your a student who is thinking of going into this field of work, this will be interesting for you. Personally, one of my dreams is to work for Google (who doesn't), so I find this pretty interesting and useful.

Belkin USB Hub that fits in desk hole - Wow, I wish my desk had a hole in it right about now. Really cool idea, but I imagine it would be pricey. I would probably use it to plug in all my temporary gadgets, like my iPod and my digital camera. Has anyone seen or used one of these hubs?

What's the big deal about Twitter?  - I was going to post a rant about this myself, but I decided not to bore you with it. Every productivity guru and their mothers are raving about Twitter, but frankly I don't see why its so revolutionary. Sure it's a nice tool to have, and I regularly text myself something I have to remember when I'm not at my computer. Other than that, to me its just another productivity tool.

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