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Productivity Links - 04/17/07

12 Tips for an Organized Desk - Productivity501 is a personal productivity blog that I recently discovered, and I very much enjoy. I have seen a consistent amount of very useful content. This article is my favorite, and it really hits the spot with my currently messy desk. Productivity501 currently have over 2000 well earned readers, and I encourage you to add to that!

Turn off Filter Keys, StickyKeys, and ToggleKeys in Windows - you know those annoying boxes that come up when you hold the shift key, or hit it repeatedly? This features are intended to help with accessibility for people who have hand problems, but for the most of us, it is simply annoying. Especially if you are using a special program or a game where you hold shift (to crouch say), or you hit shift to add something. Luckily, it is fairly simple to disable these hotkeys once you know how.

FileHippo Update Checker - a cool application from FileHippo that allows you to check the current version of your software against the newest versions. It only works with software hosted on FileHippo, but it still returned over 20 results for me.


Notely - getting you organized - Notely is a student organization tool, similar to Backpack, or Gradefix. Honestly, this type of method is not for me. That said, you may find it useful, so check it out.

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