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Miscellaneous Thoughts From A.Y.

I’ve had the window of this post open for days, and as the hours tick past I’ve been going back and forth and jotting down ideas and realizations about high achievement, focus and miscellaneous ideas that are big enough to be useful, but not big enough for their own post. Most of these are just for entertainment value- I hope they make you think and/or smile!


  • Every minute you spend doing one thing is one minute that you can never spend doing something else. If you can pull future tasks into the present, you can free up time in the future. What you do with free time is all up to you. I personally, will be using this free time that I’m creating for myself to take over the world! (And maybe apply for a scholarship or two.)
  • Writing an outline before beginning an essay actually helps. Doing research first helps even more. As in don’t research and essay while writing it. The outline should be proportionate to the size of the essay.
  • Editing you iTunes while doing anything serious is a time waster. So is popping virtual bubble wrap.
  • When essay writing, keep a running list of all the sources you use. As in, make the bibliography as you go along, instead of being horrified by the realization that you forgot to change the “date accessed” part of your Bibme automatic citation just as you press print on your 20 page essay.
  • Working in your dorm room is a bad idea, but sometimes the library reveals itself to be the grey soul sucking place that it really is. OK, not really. But for days when you need to do your work in a place quieter than your dorm, but not as quiet as a library, use Wi-Fi Free Spotto find a restaurant or cafe in your city that has free wi-fi, and go to your work! I copied down the list of all the free wi-fi spots in my city into my planner, as well as the hours and addresses of those places so I can always find the closet one that’s still open.
  • There is always at least one bus route that runs from one end of a city to another, stopping in major central locations. Always have it’s map/schedule pamphlet in your wallet- it will come in handy at least half a dozen times, especially on weekends when you need a safe way to get home after one too many drinks.
  • On the back of that pamphlet, copy down the number of the local taxi company, in case the bus driver won’t let you get on. (Hey, it’s happened!)
  • When you have a course in which your grade is comprised entirely of two or three essays, no exams, it can be difficult to get yourself to class. But go anyway. Because it’s in the lecture that the significant of the readings will be discussed, and it is this understanding of the bigger picture that will take your essay to the next level, and really set it apart from the others. I like to keep a running mind map of my course that I add to during lectures. When essay time rolls around then, I’ll have an outline of it ready to go, with the big picture laid out for me.
  • When feeding yourself on a budget farmers markets are almost always cheaper than the grocery store, and planning out a weekly menu ahead of time can help you make sure you buy all the ingredients you need during that one trip.
  • Come to think of it, a good mindset to have about grocery shopping is that you’re “ingredient buying”. Think about the food you eat in terms of means to nourish your body and keep you healthy, not a way to just stave off hunger for the time being. Food eating and preparing should be an important part of your day and you should be very conscious of what’s going into your body. It’s the only one you ever get, eh? A large pack of Oreos or a box of Kraft Dinner should not be the highlight of your evening!
  • Libraries are awesome, but they really come to life when you ask the librarians for help. They know, like, a lot.
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18 Responses to “Miscellaneous Thoughts From A.Y.”

  1. NP Jara says:

    Hmmm, great tips! I agree with most of the things you wrote. But I really had to laugh at the part about “Editing your iTunes while doing anything serious is a time waster. So is popping virtual bubble wrap.”

  2. Ayomide says:

    Hahahaha! No problem! I was hoping someone would like that :) it was a lesson I learned the hard way.

  3. Today I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my morning routine. A few months ago I started making green monsters for breakfast. What the heck is a green monster?? It’s a smoothie – with a spinach base.

  4. Well I’m bored of popping virtual bubble wrap. So time to get back to work. I thought you were supposed to be a positive influence Ayomide? You’re just lucky it wasn’t actually addictive. Real bubble wrap is still a lot of fun though.

  5. The virtual bubble wrap popping was pretty fun, though I think they could get a more realistic sound to make it even more fun! =D

    Speaking of working in a dorm, I’ve always found that for the most part it is very hard to do! Even if I am all by myself in the room, there’s just so many distractions (computer mainly) that get to me!

  6. Really great post buddy. When we do something we have do that work for much interest and full of dedication. I love to read all your posts regularly it give me lot of knowledge.

  7. Your tips about essays are on point. All that stuff you learned in school really does help with blogging.

  8. A lot of good general tips. I agree with pretty much all of these tips. The tip about dorm rooms brings back memories. It can be very tough to avoid distractions when your friends live just down the hall. Different people can work better in different circumstances though. So figure out where you work best and go to that place when you need to concentrate more.

  9. @Laptop, that last line in your advice really hit home with me, and it is a fantastic suggestion! For me personally I find that once I get to that place, I can usually sit down and get the work that I need to get done.

  10. Distractions are one of the most difficult things to overcome. Tough to get over when there are a ton of people around or just a few but they are very distracting!

  11. Bliz have sold a lot of sizzle which doesn’t actually change the game. If they can make so much money selling pretty things, why would they risk balance-damaging gold or items?

  12. @Paintball Masks: I am the same way. It is so hard to concentrate when people are all around. I find my mind following words I hear instead of what I’m actually reading. In fact I just had to put my headphones in to block out some distracting background talking.

  13. We have to understand the value of time. Its so precious once it spent there’s no way to recover that one again. So
    when try to do anything do that full dedication.

  14. You known… speaking of Libraries, you are right they are very helpful and knowledgeable, I learned this year doing a Finance project, that the Libraries know alot more than what we would normally think, and their advice was super helpful in getting us started on the project faster than what we would have done by ourselves.

  15. More i prefer is smile, to making some one smile is most greater thing to my point of view and you did it. thank you

  16. Hahahaha! No problem! I was hoping someone would like that it was a lesson I learned the hard way.

  17. Very nice and informative post. Your tips about essays are on point. All that stuff you learned in school really does help with blogging. Keep updating like that, awaiting for your next post.

  18. I am amazed that spam filter still do not block comments like ‘very nice and informative post’. AY I think you need to get a bit more aggressive in blocking some of those people.