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Things to do During Summer

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Summer gives us the chance to do those things that we never get round to during term time because there’s just too much on our plates. Here’s some ideas for things to do if you’re out of ideas.

Get a job
The more you work during the summer, the more cash you put in your pocket and you lower the hours you will have to work during term time, leaving you with more time to study.

With such an extended time-period off, this leaves a range of options for places to visit, from locally to internationally, travel is a great way to broaden your horizons, see new sites, de-stress and have a great time.

There are numerous novels we see in bookstores and in advertisements throughout the year that we think “Yes, I should read that” but never get round to it because we’re just too busy. Take the time in summer to catch up on some of those “must reads” whilst you have the chance.

Unpaid Internships
These can be a great opportunity to gain some industry contacts. Networking is something you should be doing already because it’ll help your career in the long run (possible future post if anyone wants one). As well as this, you could get involved in some interesting projects and work.

Start something
Some projects are just to big to start during term time, you need the extended time to do it. Things such as starting a business. Now is your chance to start something big.


Have fun
Head to the beach, Go to parties, BBQs, have friends over, enjoy spending the evenings sitting outside with your friends. Some of our finest memories won’t be planned events, but that deep conversation in the garden, sat out whilst the sun descends slowly painting a glorious sunset against the sky. Don’t make summer all about achieving something and being frantically productive, we get enough of that during school.

Don’t let summer escape…
Before long, we will all be asking where summer went. Do something worthwhile this summer, take the time to relax, and make it a summer you’ll never forget.

What are your plans for summer? Let me know in the comments section below.

Note: I am on holiday when this post is published, therefore I will be unable to respond to comments until Thursday 31st of July.


This is Carl Hickson’s regular “Tuesday Tips” column, writing on all aspects of student productivity to help you become a more effective and stress free student.

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3 Responses to “Things to do During Summer”

  1. Actually this is a great idea to write about things we can do during Summer because when we finally start our holidays we become overwhelmed with the amount of free time and we end up sitting on a couch. A good to-do list is what we need! Thanks!

  2. Danielle says:

    im 13 and my mom wants me to do something productive over the summer what should i do?

  3. Well, there is so much to do in summer I can’t even list it! On the other hand it is good to have a plan so we won’t waste the time we have.