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Top 10 Most Productive Firefox Extensions

There are ton of useful and helpful Firefox extensions, but sometimes its hard to pick the good ones from the bad. I have found many blogs listing the “Best” Firefox extensions out there, but never the most “productive”. That is why I compiled this list of the most productive Firefox extensions on the web. Whether your an average web-surfer or a Firefox power-user, these extensions are sure to save you some trouble.

  1. Clipmarks – If you find yourself forwarding content to others frequently, Clipmarks can be a life saver. If you are collecting information or media about something, it can be very inconvenient to forward entire web pages to people. With Clipmarks, you can “clip” any part or parts of a web page, and then either save them to your account, or print them out. This is very convenient if you want to paste together a bunch of information from different sources. It save a lot of hassle for both parties. Get Clipmarks Here!
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  1. Toodledo – If you are using the online to-do service Toodledo (read more here), this extension makes inputting tasks very convenient. Just click on the icon in your browser, and it will open a small prompt where you can enter task name, length, priority, due date, context, folder, etc. Very useful for jotting down quick tasks while browsing. Get it here!
  2. toodledo.jpg

  1. Adblock – Adblock is a nifty little extension that allows you to filter out distracting ads or images from website you visit. When you want to filter an image from a website, just click on the little Adblock tab, or right-click the image and choose “Adblock” Very useful if a site you visit frequently has distracting advertisements. Get Adblock here!
  2. adblock.jpg

  1. Page addict – Page addict is a nice extensions which can help you visualize how you spend your time online by tracking which websites you visit, and how much time you spend on each. When you want to see your stats, simply navigate to pageaddict. com, and it will show you a breakdown of how you spend your time browsing. You can also tag sites, and organize them into general categories. Page addict can detect which Firefox windows and tabs are active, so it won’t log minimized websites. Using page addict, you can re-claim those lost minutes, or even hours that slip by when working on your computer. If you are working on your computer for more than 3 hours a day, it should be easy to find at least 40 minutes of wasted time.Get Page addict Here!
  2. pageaddict1.jpg

  1. IE Tab - Firefox is a great browser, but not all website were built for it, so a small percentage of pages you visit will not display correctly. While this percentage is shrinking fast, it is a sometimes a pain to open a new browser and copy the URL, just to visit a single page. It is even more annoying if you visit this page often. Thanks to IE tab though, you can set your favorite sites to display automatically in IE format, so you never have to worry about switching browsers. Get IE Tab Here!
  2. tab.jpg


  1. Image zoom – If you ever find yourself looking at a shrunken image on a web page and wishing you could see it bigger, image zoom is key. Just hold a preset button (alt, right-click, etc) and use the scroll wheel to resize any image in a web page. You can also view things such as the height, width, and percent of original in the status bar of Firefox. Get Image Zoom Here!


  1. Google notebook – If you use Google notebook to organize your notes, it can be frustrating having to stop what your doing and visit Google notebooks every time you want to record a thought/idea. With this extension for Firefox, you can easily access, edit, and create notes by simply clicking on a small icon in your status bar. Get Google Notebook Extension!

  1. Foxmarks – Keeping track of your bookmarks can be a real pain, especially when you are working on two different computers. It is just plain frustrating to realize that you bookmarked that vacation resort review at the office, and now you cannot find it until after the weekend. Foxmarks fixes this by automatically synchronizing the Firefox bookmarks between two or more computers. Get Foxmarks Here!

  1. McAfee SiteAdvisor – If you ever have to download an image, document, or application from a website, it is useful to know if this site should be trusted. Normally this task would require Googling the website name, and reading reviews, but McAfee SiteAdvisor makes it much easier. Simply install the Firefox plug-in, and a SiteAdvisor icon will appear in your status bar. When visiting a trusted site, this icon will display green. On an un-trusted site it will be red, and on a site with not enough data, it will display gray. Get SiteAdvisor Here!


  1. Shortship – Shortship is a small extension which adds a “Total” column to your eBay search results, which allows you to sort listings by auction price and shipping combined. Though not applicable to everyone, if you find yourself on eBay often, this can be a real time saver. Get ShortShip here!


If you have any other ideas or suggestions of productive extensions, please leave a comment.

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3 Responses to “Top 10 Most Productive Firefox Extensions”

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  2. Jason says:

    When you get a chance, take a look at Procrastato, an extension I wrote to make myself a little more productive.

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  4. signthelist says:

    I use Adblocker and IE tab all the time, will check out some of the others when I get a chance.

  5. PJ says:

    Sweet list, a personal favorite of mine though, is the Firefox 2 web developer toolbar. As a designer I couldn’t live without it.