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Customize the Locations Sidebar in “Open” and “Save as”

You know that sidebar on the left-hand side of your open or save dialog in windows? I often find myself using it to quickly navigate to My Documents or Desktop, but I rarely (never) use "My Network Places", or "Recent Files". Wouldn't it be nice to replace these useless shortcuts with something more productive to you, like your work folder, or My Pictures? Like most things with windows, the solution is probably there, it just takes a couple downloads, and some looking for. The picture on the right is after shot of my locations sidebar. Personally, I find this a very productive tip, so I think its worth sharing :)




1. Download & Install TweakUI -  TweakUI is a powerful tool from Microsoft that allows you to change many aspects of Windows' user interface. This is what we will be using today to change the locations sidebar. (If the link above doesn't work, or you want to see a list of other PowerToys, go here.)



2.  Open TweakUI. Go to Common Dialogs > Places Bar.


3. Set your preferences. From here you can choose to display the default locations, custom locations, or hide the bar all together. If you select custom, you can choose locations from the dropdown in each box. If you want to choose a custom folder, paste the complete path. 


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