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Firedoodle - Whiteboard extension for Firefox

Firedoodle allows you to use a web page like a whiteboard, highlighting text, circling important notes etc.. It's great for presentations, jotting down notes and other quick reminders. Firedoodle allows you to doodle on a seperate layer, and save and view them individually. Naturally you can play around with colours and brushes, but you need to be registered. It will seem a little clumsy but will definitly be a great extension, and one of the first I will install when I get a Wacom Tablet or Tablet PC.

Similarily Mystickies allows you to insert small post-it notes on a page, and link them to tags. It works simmilarily in principle, but is neater and less clumsy with less freedom in comparison.


[Firedoodle] [Mystickies] [Firefox 2]

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2 Responses to “Firedoodle - Whiteboard extension for Firefox”

  1. Richard J. Lawrence says:

    I am looking for a browser program that will allow me to work with students during conference calls the same way that I would work with “in person” students on a “whiteboard” or “blackboard”. That is, Anybody in the conference (once they have signed in) would be able to take control of the the “panel” that represents the “whiteboard” control a pointer on that panel and enter text (or erase text) thereon. It would be beneficial if an image background with lines as well as text could be placed on the the board. Is there any programs you know of that can do this.

  2. Max says:

    @Richard J. Lawrence

    Have you checked out Moodle or LAMS?