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Google related Firefox Add-ons

Google Related Firefox Add-ons

I was talking to Geoff and we we’re comparing Firefox add-ons. He noticed I had a few regarding Google. Since it’s Google week, I figured I should post the ones I have found and how they may be useful.

GUtil adds a icon to the toolbar which allows for a quick navigation to any of Google’s many services and tools, useful if you use Google calendar, Mail and Reader all frequently, and want a quick menu to navigate through them all.

Customize Google
Customize Google is a great add-on that we have mentioned on the site earlier, It adds a bar of links allowing you to try that search in another engine. Which is useful if you aren’t finding what you are looking for and are interested in what Yahoo or Ask may give you instead. It also bundles a group of extra features like disabling ads and doing other small javascript customizations to Google’s variety of services.

Google Preview
Google Preview adds a Thumbnail screenshot of the site to the side of your Google searches, which can help you quickly decide whether or not the page is not what you are looking for.


Google Tabs
Google Tabs is a quick add-on that will cause all the links you click on in Google to open in new tabs. Try opening up search results in tabs for a while if you aren’t already and you will truly come to realise the usefulness of tabs.

Live PageRank
If you are an avid or casual user of Google’s page rank system, then you can un-install your toolbar now, as this nifty plug in will add the rank of the current page to the bottom of your browser.

That concludes my rather short article on Google Firefox add-ons. Thank you for sticking through with us on this rather slow google week, we will be getting more great content up to you before the weekend.

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