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Productivity Links - 5/01/07

To BBC or Not to BBC - I have always wondered what the heck BBC was in my email account. I have only used CC once, and never really understood the difference between CC and BCC. This is a good article to clear it up.

Toggl Time Tracking - A cool online app that allows you to track how you spend your time. I like it because it is simple and it is not bundled with other features that I do not need. I use it with Bubbles, so I always have it in my system tray.

9 Effective Ways to Get 200% More Work Done - Another great article from the Ririan Project. The Riran Project is productivity blog with less frequent posts (2-3 per week), but long interesting articles.



Disable Download Limit in IE7 - If you are still stubborn enough to be using IE7, then remove the annoying limit for simultaneous downloads with this. Probably easier just to switch to Firefox, but if you are really stubborn… 


Mechanical Pencil Shooter - on a less serious note, this little toy could make for interesting office wars.

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5 Responses to “Productivity Links - 5/01/07”

  1. Tom says:

    When you add BCC recipients to an e-mail, they should be aware of their BCC status and understand how it works. If they hit “reply all” and respond to the message, their e-mail address will be revealed to everyone else on the recipient list.

  2. marcella says:

    I like your link list present in this post.

  3. christmas says:

    Really Great blog you have dear :)

  4. Dorm Room says:

    Nice link I can use that!