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Firefox Tip: Stop [Mousing] Around

If you’re a Firefox user (I know you Intenet Explorer users see that banner on our homepage), I have a tip that can cut down your mouse usage, saving you time and potential RSI.

Everyday, we enter our credentials into login forms, infomation into registrations, and queries into search boxes. Everyday, we pull our hand away from the keyboard, point our mouse to the textbox, only to return our hand to the keyboard having accomplished nothing.

A much quicker way of entering data into any textbox is simply to “find” the textbox’s name.

First, we set Firefox to “search as you type.” This removes the need to press “Ctrl+F” or “/” to bring up a find dialog.


For example, let’s say you want to log into Gradefix. Just start typing out “email”. Firefox will highlight the text. You then press the “tab” button on your keyboard and you’re cursor will be in the username textbox. To enter your password, just press “tab” again.

Cheers to happy hands and wrists.

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