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Convince your employer to let you work at home with Clockspot

It seems that nowadays everyone wants to work from home. It isn’t hard
to see why. The advantages to the employee are enormous: less time
spent commuting, more flexibility, and a more comfortable work
environment. So how do you convince your employer to let you work from
home? Sure there are advantages for him, but most employers don’t
trust their employees enough to work without supervision on the

This is where clockspot comes in. Clockspot is a time-tracking
application for employers that lets them track employee time from
anywhere in the world. Not only does it let employees punch in and
out, but it logs what project they are working on, summary notes for
their session, and calculates how much you owe them.

From the employer’s view


The employer can log into the online interface and instantly see tons
of useful information about how their employees are working, such as
who is working right now, detailed logs of each employee, how much
money is owed to each employee, as well as vacation time, time
breakdown by project, and an interface to send messages to the
employees to see when they log in.


From the employee’s view

Arguing with your employer over time spent working is a thing of the
past. With clockspot you can clock in via web or through your cell
phone. You can fill out reports on what you did during your work
period so your employer always fells comfortable with you working at


Potential for cheating?

The only problem I see with clockspot is that there is no real way to
see if someone is cheating or not. What stops an employee from
clocking in then playing games? I see they tried to integrate a phone time clock, but I don’t know how effective it is. Obviously the employer could tell
after a couple days when the employee hasn’t accomplished anything,
but it still makes me nervous that I might be paying money without
cause. At the same time, I think that only allowing trusted employees
might work.


To top it off, clockspot is a fairly cheap solution. The service
starts at $10 per month, and you only pay $2 per employee and $5 per
manager that you add. I feel really good about this, because they
aren’t just appealing to the larger companies by charging lots of
money. By being completely scalable, they allow almost anyone to use
their service. In fact, I am thinking of using it later for one of my

Concluding Thoughts

As a student, I have no direct application for clock spot right now,
but boy do I want to! Clockspot is the best employee time-tracking online timesheet
I have ever seen. Not only is it full in features, but the interface
is slick and fun to use. Think Basecamp but slicker. For anyone who
needs an employee time-tracking application, I would highly recommend

Clockspot: employee time tracking.

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One Response to “Convince your employer to let you work at home with Clockspot”

  1. Cason Taylor says:

    Working home is great and I’m happy that I finally changed my working style. You know that you need to do and you do it. No one makes you, it’s freedom! And it feels awesome. I do agree that web apps help a lot. In fact, I don’t know how I would be able to work without Wrike It’s a tool I use for my projects, plans and collaboration with Clients. I’ve tried Basecamp, but there was a major problem, when we found out that one of my clients had a Basecamp account too. Not very convenient. Now my clients are happy with Wrike. Besides, Wrike’s got some very important features, that Basecamp doesn’t.